How Do We Make Decisions?

I recently Googled, “How many decisions do we make a day?” The first answer that comes up: 35,000. My inquiry into the quantity isn’t over. However, I’m also curious about quality decision making. How do we make decisions? Especially with so many of them. Do the little ones inform how we make big ones?

If we follow our instincts on something small, and it turns out advantageous, will we be more likely to trust our instincts with the big stuff? How do we regain trust in ourselves when we make big decisions that have gone wrong?

I love thinking about, and learning about the different ways that people have made their choices, how those choices went, and what comes next.

Decision Making

How do you make decisions?
Strategically? Diplomatically? Intuitively?
Rationally? Lovingly?

Do you prefer long deliberations?
Or a spontaneous situation?

Do you bulldoze?
Or hem-and-haw?
Do you weigh both sides?
Or follow your insides?

Do you just know?
Do you consult a friend?
A deck? A professional?
A sacred text? A journal?
Do you hesitate?
Do you take the bait?
Do you second guess?
Or have no regrets?

All of the above?
None of the above?
Turn to the above?
There are many ways
to make a choice
like no other.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on decision making in the comments.




Poet / Writer / Mother / Eternal Optomist

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Joyce Englander Levy

Joyce Englander Levy

Poet / Writer / Mother / Eternal Optomist

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